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These rings are made for women who lead active lives or just want to simplify. These aren’t just for young women, they are popular with middle-aged women as well. These rings tend to be popular with doctors and nurses who are putting latex gloves on and off all day. They are popular with artists, gardners, sailors, and women who are always on the go. These rings are set with diamonds, sapphires or rubies. Words that describe these rings: freedom, simplicity, comfortable, casual, practical, durable, beautiful. A parallel consumer trend in woman’s fashion is athleisure wear – comfortable, casual clothing. Americans are gravitating to more casual lifestyles – craving simplicity.


We want a special website focused on a specific product line we call Golden Simplicity Rings. The sole focus of the website are these rings. We want the site to be visually rich and inspirational. These rings embody freedom, comfort, simplicity. Why? Because there are no prongs to catch on clothing, the gems sit low close to the finger so they are more comfortable to wear and the gems are completely surrounded and protected by the metal.


We want a clean website that expresses this sense of freedom, adventure, and simplicity.