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Justice Travel

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Justice Travel is a social impact travel company, bridging travel and human rights. In partnership with front line human rights activists, community leaders, and journalists, we offer unique travel experiences around the world for people who want to move beyond traditional tourism - for people who want to truly engage with the people and the places that they visit. Our small group tours take you behind the headlines, seeing each country through the eyes of inspiring women and men fighting for justice in their countries and their communities. Our expert Country Representative are with you every step of the way, helping peel back the layers of these complex countries. As traveller, your role is to learn and return: to return to your own community and advocate actively on behalf of our partners, achieving an impact together that neither could alone. With our first tours in Latin America in 2018, we invite you to become part of the Justice Travel global community.

Justice Travel conducts tours around the world in partnership with human rights activists. We also conducts advocacy campaigns and education on behalf of its partners (eg. land rights, women’s rights, indigenous rights, grassroots journalism).