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MamaRoo Yoga

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MamaRoo Yoga is a startup yoga brand for moms. The first product is Fit for Family Fun (F4) Yoga Mat which we are about to launch in the next couple weeks. It will be sold it on Amazon and off of our website.

Our target customer is a female, age 31, who is a new mom and is happily married. She cares about using natural products, leading a healthy lifestyle and being an example of health for her family. She works from home and has plenty of money for the things she and her family desires. She is an animal lover and has two dogs, and likes to stay active and spend time outdoors. She likes to travel but also enjoys quiet time alone with her family. She makes an effort to eat healthy foods, find natural alternatives, stay fit and make time for herself, although she sometimes struggles to do so. She is more stressed than she would like and is making an effort to change that and fuel her physical, mental and emotional health.